WWE Hall Of Famer Comments On Potential Return To AEW

WWE Hall of Famers The Rock N' Roll Express has made a handful of appearances for All Elite Wrestling, but have also ended up looking at the lights nearly every time. The legendary duo was jumped by Santana and Ortiz in October 2019 and took piledrivers from FTR ten months later.


Speaking on the Wrestle Buddy Podcast, Ricky Morton of The Rock N' Roll Express noted that "the doors are always open" for an AEW return; however, his primary focus is on getting in the ring with Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler.

"The doors are always open. I know on the independent circuit Robert and I are fixing to wrestle FTR," Morton said. "I did a little thing on air where I slapped Tully Blanchard and remember they pile-drived me. They did this, but they didn't take it nowhere else [with us]."

Morton spoke further on AEW, emphasizing that he's a big fan of the promotion for giving wrestlers another viable place to work.

"Any wrestling business that opens up, I love it," Morton said. "Because it's for the boys. The boys have more places to work. I'm here, I'm on the independent circuit. I'm fixing to fly to the very tip corner of Maine to wrestle this weekend. It's all-new guys there that I've never seen. When AEW first opened up, I thought it was the greatest thing in the world."


Despite how it started, Morton compared AEW's loaded current roster to that of WWE's "two years ago." He mentioned that there's no issue with bringing in experienced guys, but stressed that AEW needs to, "build [their] own stars."

"I don't know if its the ego trip of Vince and Tony Khan, I really don't know, but then again I was watching AEW once again last week, and when I cut the TV on I thought I was watching WWE two years ago. But see, it's great. It's good to have those guys because a lot of them know to teach younger guys, but if you want this business to grow, you have to build your own stars. I don't think the ratings went up that much from bringing in those guys."

Morton specifically praised Marko Stunt for taking his AEW opportunity and running with it.

"Fans like their new talents," Morton said. "Marko [Stunt]. Whoever expected him to get a break? The brother's what, two-foot nothing? To meet him and hear him say, 'I'm the happiest guy in the world for it,' because he was there to get that break. There's a thousand more guys out there like that, that they need to focus on a little bit more."

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