As a guest on the latest episode of the Out of Character Podcast, Liv Morgan spoke about her feud with Becky Lynch and how the two women are paying tribute to Lita and Trish Stratus. Morgan also mentioned how she wore Trish-inspired gear during the lead-up to her match with Lynch to give off those vibes from the Lita/Trish feud.

“It’s close enough, you know?” Morgan said. “There’s a lot of synchronicities, it’s very funny to me that it just aligned this way.

“[Wearing Trish-like gear], that was intentional. I mean, you can’t do a long duster, and little mini shorts, and a crop, and it not be an owed to Trish. We talked about it and I told her that it was totally, that it was for you and inspired by you.”

Liv Morgan was unsuccessful last night during her RAW Women’s Championship match in the main event of Monday Night RAW against Becky Lynch. The match spawned the creation of the “Angry Liv Girl” and also garnered a reaction from another former RAW Women’s Champion.

Morgan also spoke on the podcast about her friend Aliyah, who was recently called up to the main roster and drafted to SmackDown. The former Riott Squad member said she’s proud of her friend and feels she deserves the spot she’s in.

“I feel like it was such a long time coming,” Morgan said. “I don’t like to say the word deserve, I don’t feel like anyone deserves anything really, I feel like deserve feels entitled to me but she deserves it. She so deserves her spot and I’m so excited to watch her and see what she does and see her journey. I’m so happy to have her on SmackDown. Hopefully, we’ll be on the same show someday.”

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