Matt Hardy On How Jeff Hardy Is Doing And WWE’s Rehab Offer, Jeff References WWE Release?

Matt Hardy says brother Jeff Hardy is the currently at his best.

Matt took to Twitch on Monday night and discussed his brother's recent WWE release and his future. As we've noted, Jeff was released from his WWE contract last week, and is under a 90-day non-compete clause where he will become a free agent on Wednesday, March 9. Jeff reportedly turned down an offer of rehab from the company, and was then released. This came after the incident at the December 4 WWE live event in Edinburg, Texas, where Hardy became sluggish as the six-man main event went on, then tagged out, and disappeared through the crowd with security following him.


In an update, Matt noted on Twitch that Jeff is doing well and there's no reason to be concerned. Jon Alba adds that Matt said he's not worried about any issues with Jeff right now, and that the current version of Jeff is the best he's ever seen.

Matt also confirmed that Jeff told WWE he didn't need to go to rehab right now. Matt also said WWE did help Jeff a lot with rehab in 2019, but he declined the offer earlier this month. Matt said he also doesn't feel like Jeff needs rehab right now, and that he's currently in a good place. Matt noted that Jeff will eventually explain everything when he's ready to, and while his biggest concern is Jeff's happiness and health, Jeff is both right now – happy and healthy.


On a related note, Jeff appeared during two "Matt Fact" videos that aired on Matt's Twitch and YouTube channels on Monday night. The segments, filmed and edited by Reby Hardy, have been a part of Matt's ongoing social media initiative.

As seen below, Matt's first "Matt Fact" clip talked about how he is the brains behind The Hardy Boys, fueling the rumors and speculation on a possible Matt and Jeff reunion in AEW.

"The majority of wrestling fans know this, but in case there's a small minority that might not understand, if you address Matt Hardy, speak about me like the legend that I am," he said. "Say my name with reverence. I am standing inside a wrestling ring, and everyone knows I am a ring general. Matt Hardy was the brains behind The Hardy Boys. When I looked at Jeff and said, 'Do the Whisper In the Wind!' or 'Do the Swanton Bomb!' or 'Do the Poetry In Motion!' – he trusted my judgment. Matt Fact – Matt was the architect of The Hardy Boys."

Jeff then appeared in the background with his headphones on. He delivered a line that some are seeing as a reference to his recent WWE departure.

"Sorry, man, I was listening to 'Release Me' by Wilson Phillips," Jeff said.

Jeff continued, "Look, man, I am The Whisper In The Wind, I am The Swanton Bomb, but without you, there is no Poetry In Motion."


"The truth is the truth," Matt added before his kids ran in. "You don't understand how hard it is to be Matt Hardy. But he does have a point. Matt Fact – Matt loves Brother Nero."

Matt then uploaded a video titled "A Conversation With Brother Nero," where they briefly discussed Twitch, Jeff possibly joining the platform, and then announced an upcoming acoustic concert and meet & greet tour for Jeff.

"What's up everyone out there watching this Twitch stream, I hope you're enjoying it," Matt began. "And I want to say thank you [to Jeff] for being part of this Matt Fact. I'm going to start doing these and putting them on my Twitch stream, and I think you would dig a Twitch stream nowadays. Maybe something with your art, maybe something with your paintings, whatever, it's very artsy. I just want to take a moment and let you tell everybody you have some big concerts coming up, right?"

Jeff then announced the following dates for his acoustic concert and meet & greet tour. Tickets are available now at

* Thursday, December 16 at Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee, WI
* Friday, December 17 at Bub City in Rosemont, IL
* Saturday, December 18 at Dusty Boots Saloon in Rockford, IL
* Sunday, December 19 at XBK Live in Des Moines, IA


Jeff noted that he is super excited to sing some original music and meet people at the shows.

There's still no word on what Jeff has planned for his pro wrestling future once he is a free agent from WWE in March, but we will keep you updated.

You can see the related videos from Matt and Jeff below: