Mick Foley Says He’d “Welcome” Frank The Clown Marrying Noelle Foley

In an appearance on The Wrestling Inc. Daily with Wrestling Inc.'s managing edito Nick Hausman, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley discussed independent wrestling manager Frank The Clown, his daughter Noelle Foley's long term boyfriend. Frank The Clown has appeared for such promotions as GCW and has been seen at several AEW shows in the crowd, including infamously embracing CM Punk as he made his way to the ring for his AEW debut.

Two weeks ago when AEW was in Chicago, Frank shared on social media that he was backstage and in full gimmick. Hausman told Mick that he heard Frank was nearly used on the show and asked the Hall of Famer if he felt AEW missed the boat not using Frank.

"That'll go down as one of the biggest 'could've, should've, would've's,'" Foley said. "Hey look, it took six or seven years for Frank to win me over. But I am a Frank The Clown guy now. I believe he's the best manager on the indie circuit. With all due respect to the older ex-wrestlers who I know play managerial roles, Frank's very good on the microphone and he gets heat. He legitimately gets heat and he can take bumps to pay off angles and he's always willing to learn, willing to travel. And I think that any company that wants to be better should place a call to Frank The Clown immediately.

"We've progressed in our relationship. And on a personal note, he's a fine young man. I shouldn't say that because it kills his heat, but I do like Frank. I was even thinking of putting him on Santa's nice list this year."

But what of the possibilities of Frank and Noelle tying the knot? According to Mick Foley, that's up to Frank, but he will be welcomed into the Foley family should the occasion arise.

"That's up to him," Foley said. "But I will tell you that I would welcome Frank to the Foley family in an official capacity if he and my daughter choose to take that step."

Foley continued his Frank talk, discussing one time he list his potential future son-in-law's testicles on fire as part of a wrestling angle at Warrior Wrestling. Mick Foley's favorite part of that angle wasn't that though, it was the part where Frank referred to him as Mr. Foley, still showing the Hardcore Legend the proper respect.

"Can I tell you one of my favorite lines in any promo was, even as I was attempting to light his testicles on fire, and when he's cutting a promo on me and he's covered up," Foley said. "I had previously attempted to light the genitalia on fire. I had done a leg drop with a barbed wire bat. And even as I'm leaving 'Mr. Foley!' He's irate. He's in pain, but he's still treating me with the respect to call me Mr. Foley."

Finally, Foley turned back to a serious subject, one that involved a place called Give Kids The World Village, a place where Make-A-Wish families stay when the wishes are being granted. WWE NXT is heavily involved with the village, and according to Foley, this was due to a conversation he had with Scotty 2 Hotty, the former NXT trainer who recently departed the promotion.

"This is a pretty cool story," Foley said. "Because NXT has really, they made that a really special cause. People who don't know, Give Kids The World Village is one of the greatest places in the world. Whenever a wish child, Make-A-Wish or other wish-granting organizations say they're going to Disney for their wish, what they actually do is go to Give Kids The World Village, which is actually a village in a small little theme park unto itself. It has its own theater, a few rides, it's magical, it's whimsical. And that's where their families stay for a week. And from there, they have access to every attraction in the Orlando area.

"So about two years ago, I'll tell you a guy who has really jumped in wholeheartedly is Tomasso Ciampa and his wife Jesse. They've become very regular volunteers. NXT is there very often, and Scotty 2 Hotty said to me a couple of years ago 'you know you started all this.' I was like 'what do you mean I started all this?' He said 'you were talking to me. You told me you and your family visited every year.' Back in the day, I used to read the storybooks and they'd say Storytime with Mick Foley. And I told Scotty it was the greatest place in the world. And when he went to NXT, he introduced it. He went there as a volunteer on my recommendation. He introduced it to NXT, so the company's kind of adopted that as one of their main organizations. And so I had no idea that little snowball I made had rolled downhill and turned into something much more important."

Hearts of Reality returns to Central Florida for the 13th year raising funds and awareness for Give Kids The World Village. This year, Hearts of Reality will feature appearances by WWE and NXT Superstars, including Foley. If you would like to make a donation to Foley's individual fundraising efforts please click HERE.

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