Tonight on AEW Dynamite from UBS Arena in Long Island, NY we will see the third installment of the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale. The last two men standing in the ring during the match will advance to next week’s episode of Dynamite to battle for the Diamond Ring. MJF could make it three-for-three as he won the previous two installments in 2019 and 2020.

In an interview with Josh Martinez, MJF spoke about how he made the ring into something important and that it could lead to making WWE Superstar The Undertaker blush if he were to win it again.

“The ring doesn’t make the man, the man makes the ring. I made the Dynamite Diamond Ring into something nobody thought it would be. You know, when the Dynamite Diamond match was initially announced, people were like ‘OK, what does this ring win you?’ Nobody understood the importance of this ring. Now people do because I made the ring important.

“There may never come a day that anybody takes this ring off me. I may have a streak that would make The Undertaker blush. That would make Bruno Sammartino blush. This ring is important and this ring is important because of me and I look forward to winning it a third time.”

Earlier in the interview, The Salt of the Earth was asked about the potential of a new member joining his AEW group The Pinnacle. MJF claimed the only person that would be suitable would be Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. but for now, they’re set and not looking to add anybody to their ranks.

“Nah we’re cool, man. The only person I would even consider adding to The Pinnacle is Britt Baker, and that’s it. She’s the only person in my opinion that would fit the crew. You know me and Britt go way back we’re great friends. But no, we don’t need anybody else, we’re set.”

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