QT Marshall Recalls What Tony Khan Said When Booking Match Against CM Punk

On a recent episode of My Mom's Basement by Robbie Fox presented by Barstool Sports, AEW wrestler and coach, QT Marshall, dropped by to discuss his most recent match with CM Punk. Marshall faced Punk on the November 24 episode of AEW Dynamite and recalled how the match came about behind the scenes.

"Man, I was getting ready to go for commentary on Elevation, you know, possibly to start something, and Tony pulled me aside and he's like 'Hey, next week you have CM Punk.' I was like, OK, in Chicago? He's like 'Yep.' Oh ok, why?" QT Marshall revealed.

The match itself took place at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago and saw The Second City Saint defeat QT Marshall in his hometown.

"He [Tony Khan] was like, you know we talked about it and I think this is something we want to do. You know, this is going to be a really good thing because it's his hometown, people hate you, so it'll be a really good dynamic, and just have fun. I was like that's awesome because you know, someone like Punk, not to get too inside, but we can just go out there and kind of wing it. You know what I mean? We have a couple of bullet points, that's what I was trained to do. I thought we'd had a really good one and the fans really enjoyed it," QT explained.

Robbie Fox asked QT Marshall whether he preferred that style of the match of just having bullet points and being able to call it whilst out in the ring. Fox also noted that CM Punk seemed to like that style, referring to it as the old-school style.

"Yeah, normally, I like to put stuff together at the very end. Just like any good movie, I try to backload everything. This one was a little different, there was also business to be done as well, which I understand how business works. So maybe if it were completely my show, I would have done it a little differently towards the end and made it a little more my style. When the crowd wants what they want, you just give it to them. It was kind of like when CM Punk first came in, everyone was like 'Oh, they're gonna hit his music and MJF is going to come out or QT' and we're like no ,we're just going to give the people what they want."

QT Marshall also revealed some of the names who he feels are his best five AEW wrestlers to watch nowadays and added that some of the names that he would love to face in the ring in the future.

"I'm a big Jungle Boy fan, and Dante Martin. For someone that came in in a team with his brother, he kind of just went on his own way. Yeah, Jungle Boy, there's a lot of younger guys that I'd really like to work with and just have fun with. I got to work with Darby on Dark a couple of weeks ago. I got to work with John Silver. Yeah, there's a lot of the younger guys, and then, you know, of course, I'd love to wrestle Chris Jericho. That's like a bucket list thing," QT Marshall said.

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