R-Truth On Why Vince McMahon Likes Him

R-Truth recently did an interview on Hot 97 with Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez. R-Truth discussed initially meeting Vince McMahon, along with their friendship and how they came to be close.

"Oh my goodness, I don't know where that started man. I think I like tricked him when they signed me. I had to get in my bio and stuff like that, they thought I was cool, I wrote like I was like six foot five, two seventy-five. I was like hundred ninety pounds, two hundred pounds wet, you know what I'm saying? When I got off the elevator, they were like 'you're not six five,' I'm like exactly. You know like walking like you're not two seventy-five either, I'm like I figured you'd figure that out.

"They thought it was one of the coolest things. I remember Vince saying to me, he said that 'I like you because,' he said, 'you treat me like Vince, you don't treat me, you're just as honest as you want to be. Not, you don't bullsā€” with me.' Our relationship started from there, from me doing the handshake tours with him. I don't know how many times we have been from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan to Turkey, know what I'm saying? To like, we will go over, I would go on trips with him to see the troops."

R-Truth and Vince McMahon have been friends for a long time due to all the time they have spent together. Truth discussed his involvement with the 24/7 title and how he has been able to have fun entertaining people with that.

"The first night, it did over two million views in less than twenty-four hours. That's when I was like 'dā€”, out of my whole career, I just go on Monday Night Raw, beat a guy with a championship, that's like, supposed to be for all walks of celebrity. It's supposed to be our world,' you know what I'm saying? We combine and link people together with this.

"I know funny, I know how to entertain, I know how to make laughs and we all know that. But it's like, with this championship man, to like come up with the skits to make it make sense with, just like with you and I, (referencing Rosenberg's and Truth's 24/7 exchange), man it's fun for me to have fun and make people laugh."

R-Truth has been a key point of the 24/7 title, since its birth back in 2019. Truth spoke about hanging out with Tupac and how Tupac helped him gain perspective.

"I hung out with him (Tupac) and Treach, him and Treach was like that. (crossed his fingers, signifying they were close) For a couple days, watching the way people were, I hadn't had no start-up, a little neighborhood startup, I'm saying, like yeah, I could do the rap and dance but Pac was at a whole different realm. He made me look at, he made me see the light of being a celebrity of how your craft, your art can take you where you draw a crowd."