R-Truth Opens Up About Relationships With The Rock And Roman Reigns

R-Truth recently took part in an interview with HOT 97, hosted by Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez. R-Truth discussed working with The Rock and how selfless Dwayne is as an individual.

"(The Rock is) humble, cool, man, he still goes out of his way. If I'm over here talking to somebody, he just walks in, whatever. He'll come out of his way to come over and to you. 'What do you want to do? What are you going to do in the match? You tell me what to do.'"

R-Truth was referencing the Survivor Series 2011 main even which was The Rock and John Cena versus The Miz and R-Truth, also known as the Awesome Truth.

"He wants to take as much as he gives and gives as much as he takes. He's like an even Steven type of guy because he's been there, that seven-dollar story is real. He's been there, man, so he knows what it's like and he don't want nobody to feel like he felt then. So, if he can help and contribute in any way, he's always been like that; he's Dwayne to me."

R-Truth explained his appreciation for The Rock's support during their time working together. R-Truth discussed The Rock's cousin, Roman Reigns, and how kind and generous he has been to Truth and many others over the time he has been on the main roster.

"He's (Roman Reigns) so humbling, like, there are times he's helped me out all kind of ways, all around the spectrum, you know what I'm saying? And I've seen and witnessed him help everybody out. His family, a lot of Samoans are like that, for one. He's helped out so many people. Me and him was on the road, like we drove from the time he came here right from The Shield, like we was linked together for some reason, man. And when he got that status and rose up, he insisted, he said bro, 'I'm gonna get a bus for us.'"