The Rock is a big fan of the Submission Magician.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, The Rock praised former NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. The Brahma Bull specifically made note of Baszler’s wrestling trainer, the late Billy Robinson, adding that Robinson was a former opponent of his grandfather, ‘High Chief’ Peter Maivia.

“I co-sign. I love Shayna too!” The Rock wrote. “She’s a wrestling bad a– and trained by a legit wrestling bad a– OG (Billy R) who used to wrestle with my granddad, the great High Chief Maivia. Life is crazy and so connected.”

Baszler currently wrestles for SmackDown and recently had the following to say recently regarding her goals on Smackdown, “Obviously, the title is always a goal for anyone that is in this business. But I really just want to, like we talked about, it’s a restart. So I just want to reestablish the fact that it’s a dangerous time to be in the ring with me. I hadn’t been on a tag team really before.

“Now that I’m stepping away from that, so to speak, it’s a good time to remind people what I’m about. And maybe even some people that didn’t see my NXT run to just even introduce them to what I’ve been about. There’s a lot of people and a lot of reasons to leave a legacy. I don’t know how to explain it. Obviously, the title is at the top of the picture,” Baszler stated. “But really it’s about stamping my mark and letting people know what I’m about.”

You can see The Rock’s tweet below:

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