R-Truth Recalls The McMahons Coming Up With His WWE Ring Name

On the latest episode of the Notsam Wrestling Podcast, R-Truth joined the show to talk about the origins of his WWE ring name. The 53-time 24/7 Champion spoke about how Stephanie McMahon played a huge role in deciding he would go from K-Kwik to R-Truth.

"It was me, Vince and Stephanie [McMahon]," R-Truth said. "They gave me a list of names, we tried to come up with a name, Steph said 'you shouldn't go back to K-Quick, that's the old you, you're a different person now, you're matured.' We had a list of R names and Vince wanted to go with an R so we had a list of R names and Steph said 'R-Truth?' And Vince was coming out of his office and he said 'R-Truth? I like that, what's the R for?' We just laughed and I said do it, R-Truth and that was it. It was in the spur of the moment cause I was going to debut that night."

R-Truth also spoke recently about his relationship with Vince McMahon, stating that he and the WWE's CEO are friends. He also spoke about his relationship with The Rock and Roman Reigns, and discussed his match with The Rock, Miz and John Cena at Survivor Series in 2011.

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