R-Truth Reveals Trait That Vince McMahon Loves

As a guest on the latest episode of the Out of Character Podcast with Ryan Satin, R-Truth spoke about his relationship with WWE CEO Vince McMahon and how the two have bonded with each other over the years. R-Truth mentioned how much he's learned from the WWE Chairman and why everyone can learn from just watching him do his job.


"I've been on so many trips with Vince, overseas, Iraq, Afghanistan, wherever the military is at," R-Truth said. "Just watching him be Vince, I've learned that way. I've learned just by him saying 'Hey Truth, you should be taking notes on this.' He loves when you take notes, he ain't talking for nothing, you know? Just being around Vince, if you don't learn, shame on you."

R-Truth continued to talk about his relationship with his boss and the experiences the two of them have had over the years. Truth also spoke about the different situations he's seen Vince in and laughed about watching him sleep on plane rides or wear sweatpants.

"We've had so many times where we've laughed to where we almost cry," R-Truth said. "Vince is like one of the most down-to-earth people, and being on those tours with him, going to visit the military whether it's air force, marines, army, we've met them all, shake hands, and we were bonding at those times. There were times when we were overseas that we had mortars shot at us and we had to bunker down, I've been on submarines with Vince, I've been on warships with Vince. I've seen him sleep. On long flights back, I've flown with Vince for like 20 something hours in the air. I've seen him in sweatpants."


R-Truth finished by talking about what Vince see's in him that he likes so much. The 49-year-old said Vince has always been approachable to him and mentions why he sees him as a friend and not a boss.

"One thing Vince has told me is he loves the fact that I'm just me," R-Truth said. "I come straight forward. Vince is giving and I have the most highest amount of respect for Vince. Vince is almost like a friend, he wants to be there for you, he wants you to come and ask him things. If you have an idea, come to him. He makes himself very accessible to you and he intimidates a lot of people but he attracts me. Just like my aura.

"I may intimidate a lot of people, if you see me coming down a dark alley at night, your eyes squinch sideways. I may intimidate you but when you get to know me, you're like 'Oh my god, this guy would give me the shirt off his back.' That's Vince McMahon."

During a recent interview, Truth revealed that Stephanie McMahon was the person who came up with the name "R-Truth" after being called K-Kwik. The 53-time 24/7 Champion also spoke about the moments with the belt that caused him the most pain throughout his time as champion.

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