R-Truth Reveals WWE Segments That Caused The Most Damage To His Body

As a guest on the latest episode of the Notsam Wrestling Podcast, R-Truth mentioned one of the funniest experiences he's had over the years working in WWE. The former 24/7 Champion spoke about a European trip where John Cena, Cesaro, and Daniel Bryan encouraged him to try a different chant to the crowd than his normal "What's Up" chant, and explained how it all worked out.

"I would go out there and do my rap to the ring regardless of where we were at, whether it's Germany or whatever," R-Truth said. "All I'd say is 'Germany, make some noise, what's up?' Then the loudest one was at the end when I'd go 'whoop, there it is,' and it would just keep going. Cena was the first one that said 'Truth, I think you should do different stuff, like you should do, are you down with OPP?' I said bruh, ain't nobody in Ireland know nothing about that.' 'No, you need to do it.' It got in my head so bad, Cena, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan to where Cena said, if you don't do it, I'll do it. So I was like, no bro, I'm the rapper. So out at the monitor, everybody's waiting for me to do it.

"There's about 15,000 people, I get in my ring and do my rap 'What's up? What's up? Ireland make some noise!' I'm like 'whoop, there it is, whoop, there it is, you down with OPP?' Sam, I could hear a paper rustling dog. It's like [in an Irish accent] 'what did he say? Did he say OPP?' Xavier [Woods] had tears coming out of his eyes. When I got to the back, Cena and them were on their backs laughing. First time they ever saw me dead like that. That straight bombed."

R-Truth recently spoke with Peter Rosenburg about his relationship with both Roman Reigns and The Rock and spoke about their tag team match at Survivor Series 2011 with The Miz and John Cena involved. Truth also revealed why he and Vince McMahon have always had a good relationship with each other, stating that they're friends.

Having held the 24/7 Championship a record 53 times and having the longest combined reign of over 425 days, R-Truth spoke about which skits have done the most harm to his body since the belt was established in 2019. Truth named three specific skits that did the most harm to him and spoke about how much pain each caused him.

"When Carmella drugged me on that golf cart," R-Truth said. "It was souped up and they didn't tell us it was one of the brand new carts, and I'm telling Carmella, 'when you hit the gas, hit the gas cause I'm going to run past you and I'm going to stop, look at you, let you pass, and I'm going to catch you, but just take off.' She drugged me on that damn golf cart and everybody that was on the golf course was over there laughing. She drugged me, by the time I turned the corner and snapped me into a fence, it was a good drag.

"I did a scene with Tozawa in a trash can. Have you ever been inside a metal trash can? Inside a metal trash can hurts. Bones, everything, you're around nothing but metal. It was just one of those things that fans wouldn't know.

"The Old Spice, when I came through the wall, those little bulls whooped my ass. I was bleeding. It was real wood and it was like cut-you-wood. The first bump we took was real."

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