Ric Flair Says He Sees Himself In Top AEW Superstar

During the latest episode of the Ric Flair Woooo Nation Uncensored Podcast, The Nature Boy spoke about AEW Superstar MJF and why he enjoys the 25-year-old's work so much. MJF has stated that Rowdy Roddy Piper made him fall in love with wrestling, but Flair mentioned why he sees more of himself in MJF than Piper.


"I'm not taking away from Roddy, Roddy didn't brag about his clothes and stuff like that," Flair mentioned. "This kid, what makes him different is he's talking about the material things and he implies that he has the material things that other people don't have and that really pisses people off, especially when it's true."

Ric Flair also spoke about MJF being a vintage wrestling heel and his ability to not break character outside of the ring. The 2x WWE Hall of Famer spoke about one of the things he hates most that heel talent in today's day do, talking about signing fans autographs.

"If I saw that kid signing an autograph at the parking lot of the building, I'd never talk to him again," Flair stated. "He's so damn good at what he's doing and it really catches my attention but I've seen so many guys in this business who go out and be a heel on TV, then they're out in the parking lot signing autographs.


"Instead of running to the bar 100 miles an hour, they're walking around making sure nobody speaks about what an asshole they are and signing all of their autographs. What heel signs autographs? I used to walk through the airport with Hunter and we would say 'Bad guys don't sign.' Standard answer: 'bad boys don't sign.' "

News of WWE being rumored to have an interest in MJF has hit the wrestling world, with the 25-year-old reacting to the news on his social media for his free agency status in 2024. AEW Owner Tony Khan reacted to the news, stating why it's a great thing for WWE to express interest in the AEW star. Ric Flair spoke about MJFs greatness and ability to go wherever he likes and be able to continue his success as a heel.

"I think he goes anywhere he wants to go," Flair said. "If he has a good business manager or agent, not some dumb son of a bitch like I had in the past. [I see him as a very top guy] in either company. Delivered as he is.

"He's good enough to be good in either company. I'm not suggesting he goes anywhere, I would stay with Tony as long as Tony was paying me. And I'm sure Tony sees a lot in him or he wouldn't be in the position he's in. The thing about him is he's only going to get better, and hopefully, he stays injury-free."


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