Serena Deeb Considers Her AEW Winter Is Coming Match An “Honor”

Serena Deeb appeared on The Wrestling Inc. Daily today where she talked about her feud with Hikaru Shida and their match tomorrow night at AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming. The experienced in-ring star has admitted it has been fun being able to work with the former AEW Women's Champion.


"It's been very fun. I think in wrestling there's chemistry with certain people and there's people that bring out like a fire in you. Shida and I, for some reason in the universe, have done that for each other," she believes. "I think I've brought it out of her and she's brought it out of me. We've had some classics already. This Wednesday at Winter Is Coming is our third round and right now it's tied one for one. It will be very intriguing to see which way it goes this week."

Serena Deeb then spoke about being able to compete at the upcoming Winter Is Coming event. She added that is a huge honor for her to be on the card this Wednesday when she faces Shida.

"You know, secondary to the PPVs, maybe not even secondary, maybe right alongside them. Last year was such a huge show like when Kenny won the belt," Deeb added. "To be considered the female match on this show is a huge honor and I think it's badass that Serena Deeb was the person for that."


While Serena Deeb will be working with Hikaru Shida on Wednesday, she also spoke about current AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker. The former WWE Performance Center coach added that there is a respect level for her.

"I have a lot of respect for Britt. She was trailing behind me a little bit career-wise, like in terms of timeline. I was at Shimmer, then I went on to WWE," she added. "Then she was at Shimmer and we've kind of never really met up until AEW," Deeb stated. "I think she is one of the best characters on our show. She's put in a lot of work, she's put in a lot of time and energy into her character. She believes in who she is and you can feel that and I think that's why people really love her."

At the moment, there is no match set between the two women. However, Serena Deeb admitted that she would be interested in making that happen down the line.

"Right now it's not really syncing up for us to have our one on one. But at some point, it's going to happen. Professor vs. Doctor, I think there's a lot of marketability there and I think her ring work has improved so much from day one in AEW," she said. "I also really respect the fact she was an O.G. She was one of the first ones there, she built this division, along with Shida, along with Nyla, Riho. They built this, they laid the groundwork."


Serena Deeb takes on Hikaru Shida this Wednesday night at AEW: Winter Is Coming. You can follow her on Twitter @SerenaDeeb

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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