Shawn Michaels recently spoke with Jim Varsallone where he commented on Triple H’s health. The Hall Of Famer talked about how The Game is feeling and touched on how the team is operating without him.

“Right now, for me, I feel like I’m an old nanny. But I’ve told him, ‘I don’t care how good you are. You stay away, you get healthy, concentrate on you.’ The thing is, he put in a fabulous team down here,” HBK stated. “That’s why it’s able to continue on without him. Because he put phenomenal people in place. I’m just the guy that gets to expedite everything and run traffic so to speak. But the team he put in place was prepared for exactly these kinds of days and what’s going on. We want him to get healthy, he doesn’t have anything to worry about and we will be here when he gets back.”

In recent times NXT has undergone plenty of changes, becoming NXT 2.0. Shawn Michaels touched on what he believes are the differences between the two. He believes it is all about embracing larger than life.

“It was sort of this, the black and gold was a little bit more of, I don’t know, a rebellious alternative to WWE. All really 2.0 is the same number of new, fresh young superstars of tomorrow. But it is just done with a little bit bigger WWE pomp and circumstance. Embracing, what is the WWE, what is the spectacle of what World Wrestling Entertainment is supposed to be. That is larger than life,” Michaels said. “So that really is the only real shift, if you ask me, that’s gone on. It’s more just a new coat of paint as they say.”

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