Tay Conti Deletes Her Twitter Account

AEW Star Tay Conti deleted her Twitter account overnight. Whether it is a temporary thing or a permanent move remains to be seen.

There's no word yet on why she made the decision, however, it was recently revealed through her Instagram Stories, that she separated from her husband.

"Nope, we have been separated for a long time [kiss face emoji]" Conti responded to a fan asking about her husband.

Tay Conti married Jorge Conti, a Brazilian Judo fighter, in 2017.

The decision to delete her Twitter may also have something to do with AEW fans' reception to Sammy Guevara's engagement ending. Both Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara were trending on social media last night, and as seen in the video below, the two even addressed the rumors that they are "screwing".

"You read all the comments?" Sammy asked Tay.

"About?" she replied.

"Apparently, you and I are screwing," Sammy said. Tay then tolled her eyes and sighed.

"Come here," Tay instructs the camera. "Show it, show it." The camera pans up and down at her body as she asks with some sass, "Really?" Everyone nearby starts bursting out laughing, including Sammy.

Earlier this month, Conti went up against AEW Women's World Champion Britt Baker at Full Gear. While putting on a good showing, Conti came up short in becoming champion.

As noted, Sammy announced via social media yesterday that his engagement with his fiancé Pam Nizio has come to an end. The couple got engaged live on AEW Dynamite back on August 18, 2021. The full statement Sammy issued out read:

"I know a lot of you have supported us for a long time and we have appreciated it so much over the past several years," Guevara said. "Since you've all given us so much love and support we figured we owed it to y'all to let you know that we are no longer in a relationship. We still love each other and wish nothing but the best for one another. We would appreciate your kindness and respect our privacy during this time."

You can see the full video of Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti below: