AEW’s Tay Conti was a recent guest on Elite POV where she spoke about Brodie Lee’s children. The AEW star has had a close bond with both Brodie Lee Jr. and Nolan, with the entire roster having been there for them. Tay Conti admitted she sees them as family.

“It’s crazy, I love those kids. I love them with all my heart. For me, they’re my family, you know? Sometimes, family is not blood it’s just love and I love them,” Conti stated. “I don’t know, I get emotional when I talk about them because they make me so happy. Every time they’re backstage, I have a blast.

“Even if I am not doing anything on the show, I have the best day when I am with them,” she said. “Nolan now, in the beginning, I was close with Negative One and not too much with Nolan. Now it’s both of them.  It’s kind of crazy because I feel like a kid. We are just fooling around or eating, sitting on the floor, just eating french fries.”

Tay Conti then spoke about Brodie Lee Jr., or “Negative One”, in particular. She revealed that The Dark Order member actually helps her behind the scenes with backstage interviews and promos.

“Brodie is always helping me because anytime I have an interview or like a backstage promo, whatever,” she claimed. “He’s always with me like, ‘what do you want to say? Let me help you with the English.’ He’s always saying the words and sometimes I can’t pronounce a word and I’m like, ‘oh, can you help me? I need a different word.’ He’s the one helping me out and going to his mom like, ‘hey mom, tell me a different word for Tay, please?’

“He’s always standing by me and if I say something that doesn’t sound good, he stops the interview or stops the backstage promo. He’s like ‘hey, no, no, no. You’re saying this wrong, repeat with me,’ and then he repeats the word. It’s crazy,” she added. “He’s helping me and he’s a nine-year-old kid.”

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