AEW Star Comments On Fans Suggesting Bray Wyatt Join The Dark Order

Shortly after it was announced that Bray Wyatt had been released from WWE this morning, fans began to speculate about Wyatt's potential fit as a member of AEW's stable, The Dark Order. The discussion caught the eye of Dark Order member Evil Uno.


"Release, 'he should join Dark Order', repeat," Uno tweeted out in reference to the rumors. He quickly followed it up with another tweet. "Evil Uno is the UNOfficial leader."

The speculation of Wyatt in the Dark Order stems from his close relationship with Dark Order's Exalted One, the late Brodie Lee. Wyatt and Lee worked together for years in WWE as part of the Wyatt Family, with Lee taking the name Luke Harper.

Wyatt is not the first WWE release to be suggested as a potential Dark Order member or leader. Both current AEW star Malakai Black and Braun Strowman, another former member of the Wyatt Family, were suggested for the Dark Order's Exalted One after their releases from WWE. Responding to a fan, AEW star Cody Rhodes dismissed the idea, praising the talent of Strowman and Black (Cody's current AEW rival) while stating that the only potential Exalted One now was Negative One, Lee's son Brodie Lee Jr.


Dark Order member John Silver has also responded negatively to the idea, tweeting back in June that Dark Order didn't want a new leader, stating they already had the best. Fellow Dark Order member Anna Jay responded to Silver's tweet, agreeing with his sentiment.

You can see Evil Uno's tweets on the subject below.