The Briscoes Send A Fiery Message To Tony Khan And FTR

During ROH's Final Battle, FTR confronted The Briscoes, following their tag team championship match. Both teams have made it known recently that they would like to wrestle each other. Following the encounter in ROH, The Briscoes took to Twitter to call out FTR and Tony Khan, asking for the match both teams are desiring.

"What we do and what we been doing, tag team action baby. FTR, aye, y'all boys done made a mistake, lemme tell you, y'all boys done made a mistake," an enthused Mark Briscoe stated.

"Tell em' something," said Jay. "At this point, it's when and where. When and where boys? Send us a plane ticket, text me a plane ticket. Y'all got my number. Hell, it could be a bus ticket. Sh-t aye, you know what, Tony Khan, fuel your little private jet up, you can park that b-tch out in the cornfield. Alright, come scoop us, come scoop us up, we ready."

Mark and Jay Briscoe ended the video by comparing FTR to babies and asking for Tony Khan to land his private jet in their field again.

"Now see how I look at this is y'all boys act like some babies," Mark continued. "You understand what I'm saying? And what I mean by that is some babies running around the house with a big a– knife, you don't know the danger you done put yourself in."

"We're dangerous boys," Jay vented. "When and where, when, and where? Sh-t. Hell with the bullsh-t. Let us know when let us know where. You know, I'm bout to hop on this bobcat and smooth a path out for Tony Khan's private jet, land right in that cornfield, come scoop us."

To end off the video Mark said, "We got a ring, we got a ring one barn over, y'all are welcome anytime, anytime."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Jaybriscoe84 with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.