Tony Khan Gives Details On AEW’s Upcoming Owen Hart Cup

AEW President Tony Khan spoke with Busted Open Radio earlier today. During the interview, he discussed the upcoming Owen Hart Cup and announced that there will be both a men's and women's tournament. He also stated that Dr. Martha Hart thinks it is a tremendous idea.


"There will be singles tournaments, there will be two tournaments. There's going to be a men's Owen Hart Cup winner and a women's Owen Hart Cup winner," he revealed. "So it's the first time I've ever announced that it's great. I talked to Dr. Marth Hart and she hasn't followed wrestling that closely, but from afar she knows there have been huge developments and so many great women's stars have emerged in the last 20+ years.

"Really, now it's such a huge part of the world of wrestling," he said. "There's so much more great women's wrestling than there was 20 years ago when Owen Hart was an active competitor. So, I told Martha, 'I think it would be really great for the fans and it would be something tremendous if we had two cups. A men's winner and a women's winner.' And Martha thought that was tremendous."


Tony Khan also stated that he will be announcing more details on this moving forwards. This will include a major video package, which will feature footage of Owen Hart himself. Khan confirmed they received this from New Japan Pro Wrestling, with Rocky Romero's assistance.

"We are going to get a lot deeper into this all next week on the Holiday Bash episode of Dynamite," Khan said. "We've got a really great video of Mark. The comments you recorded for that Owen Hart video, in particular, are so powerful and strong. We have this really powerful video that includes footage of Owen Hart himself that we were able to get ourselves from our friends at New Japan.

"Rocky Romero is actually on Rampage tonight and with Rocky in the building, it has given me an opportunity to talk to him," he said. "Not only is he going to be wrestling on this great card on Rampage tonight, but also he has really been helpful to me in getting this footage of Owen Hart."

Tony Khan also spoke about the Owen Hart Foundation putting on an event during Thanksgiving. He revealed that Dr. Martha Hart was impressed with the representatives that AEW sent.

"I am very grateful to have that opportunity. Dr Martha Hart has been so great to work with. The Owen Hart Foundation recently had an event. It was actually Thanksgiving weekend here in America, and so many people here in AEW were tied up with their families," Khan said. "In Canada though, Thanksgiving is really just a Thursday. It wasn't really a holiday weekend there and they'd scheduled an Owen Hart Foundation event on the weekend of American Thanksgiving.


"So some of our Canadian representatives, Uno and Stu from The Dark Order actually went to the event. I was talking to Martha and she said they were great representatives for AEW," he said. "Really they were great representatives for pro wrestling."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Busted Open Radio with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.