Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is raising the stakes for a potential dream match against world champion boxer Tyson Fury. McIntyre now says he has a stipulation in mind.

“No DQ,” McIntyre suggested during an interview with Metro in the United Kingdom. “Just based on his limitations and physical attributes, I think that would be the most entertaining match for everybody.

“In that environment, we could get away with a lot more,” Drew McIntyre continued. “It would be a good first match – I mean, he’s had one, but a good, proper first match that people go, ‘That was a good match’. And it’d be very entertaining for the fans if that was the stipulation.”

Fury’s only match in WWE was in 2019. He went up against Braun Strowman at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view, getting the win via count-out.

Fans around the world already know about Tyson Fury’s accomplishments in boxing, and he clearly has a passion for WWE. Fury’s wife told BBC Newcastle in October that her husband is in constant contact with Vince McMahon.

“He just has a genuine passion for it, such an entertainer, he gets it,” Drew McIntyre noted. “Eventually, if we have that big match, whatever capacity, I know how good it’s gonna be just with his abilities, passion, and my experience and knowledge.”

Drew McIntyre is confident that he can create something special with Fury. And he’s not worried about doing too much damage to his would-be opponent under a “no disqualification” stipulation.

“I don’t think I’m worried about hurting him, he’s used to getting punched in the head for a living,” McIntyre said. “I know I can take a hit. I’m not gonna go ahead and call him old feather fists, I know he gets offended by that! It would be highly physical and highly entertaining, I know that.”

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