Xavier Woods Explains Why He “Freaking Loved” Billy & Chuck In WWE

Xavier Woods won the 2021 WWE King of the Ring Tournament back on October 21st at Crown Jewel. Ever since the tournament began, Woods has been positioned as a singles wrestler. The King of the Ring Winner recently engaged in an interview with Bleacher Report where he discussed his current singles run.

"It's been really cool, obviously because I haven't had the chance to have a singles run in the company yet and the focus has always been on tag team wrestling," he said. "Even when I was a kid, I was just obsessed with it. Billy and Chuck were my favorite tag team. I freaking loved them."

Woods went on to discuss why Billy and Chuck as a tag team had so much of an impact on him.

"People always laugh when I say that, but when you go back and think about it, that was a situation where we had a team that hit the scene and it wasn't necessarily, 'Oh, these guys are world-beaters and they're going to be champions.' They evolved into one of the most entertaining teams we could see and they had a full main event segment with them getting married as partners with a reveal. with Eric Bischoff.

"It's hard for tag teams to get that position where they not only get to have cool matches but where they get to be in the middle of the most important stuff on the show."

Woods, along with the other members of the New Day, Kofi Kingston, and Big E have been in multiple main event matches and segments since forming as a trio. Woods has proved himself in the past two months as a singles star, even receiving a match against Roman Reigns on a recent episode of Smackdown. He then talked about the fact that he has been able to show off a little more recently.

"It's been a blast getting that spotlight, and going out, and talking a little bit more, and wrestling a little bit more because this is my life," Xavier Woods said. "This is what I do, this is what I enjoy. And to be in a position where I can really start to show off the things not only that I can do, but also that I've learned over the years from being a part of the company, is really cool."