AEW Star Reportedly Has Admirers Within WWE

AEW star Wardlow reportedly has several admirers within WWE.

It was noted by @Wrestlevotes that WWE will likely have a major interest in luring Wardlow away from AEW when his contract is due as there are several people within WWE who love his potential.


Wardlow signed with AEW in August 2019 after a few years on the indies. He has been the muscle for The Pinnacle and MJF since then.

Wardlow will have his biggest singles match yet during tonight's AEW Dynamite episode when he goes up against CM Punk.

There is no word on when Wardlow's contract will expire, but we will keep you updated.

In an interview towards the end of last year, Wardlow had the following to say about his future with AEW, "I think we've got a bigger year coming in '22. '21 saw Wardlow in high-profile, high-pressure matchups. You don't see me every week. But when you do see me, it's usually something special.

"Now, as we end the year, you have been seeing me a little more and I think we are going to continue seeing more of me. That's why I say '22, I think we have a lot more to come."


In regards to his future with MJF, Wardlow was much coyer, "MJF and I, we strictly have a business relationship. That's all it's ever been, and that's all it ever will be. However, that contract isn't forever. The way he treats people, we will see what the future holds with that."

With Wardlow finally hitting high notes with "Powerbomb Symphony" on Wednesday nights fans have begun to speculate how far AEW could be willing to go with him. This is a thought he has obviously pondered himself.

"If you're in this business, you want the championship," he claimed. "That's the elite, that's the top of the mountain is to hold the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. If there's a TNT Title picture on the way there, excellent. If there's an opportunity for a Tag Team Title, excellent. I would prefer to, throughout my career, hold every title in this company."

Stay tuned for more.