Big E Reveals Original Plans For His New Solo WWE Theme Song

Former WWE Champion Big E recently spoke with The PWI Podcast about his change in music. When he became a singles star, WWE switched things up to the song that he has today. That is performed by Wale, but Big E's initial plan was actually to just remix The New Day track.

"So eventually they just came to me, this was about a year ago, and the talk was essentially like, 'hey, we want to do a solo theme for you.' Initially, I was thinking, maybe we just remix the current theme, The New Day theme that people are familiar with," he revealed. "So it still has connections to that. The thing that I loved, in my mind if it's a new theme, whatever we are doing my first thought is Wale. Reach out to Wale, can Wale do it, is he free?"

In the end, it was Big E's friend Wale who performed the song. It has proven to be a hit with the fans, and Big E is thankful for having him in his life. The New Day star went on to talk about how Wale is more than just a celebrity to him.

"I am so thankful for this brother because he has supported me in ways even beyond wrestling. I'm not into having celebrity friends for the sake of celebrity. We have such genuine conversations, he's such a hilarious dude. Beyond music and wrestling. That's my friend, that's my brother and it's dope to be able to go on this ride with him."

Big E recently dropped the WWE Championship at the Day 1 PPV in the main event. Brock Lesnar was injected into the match due to Roman Reigns testing positive for COVID-19. In the end, the Beast secured the victory, ending Big E's run.

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