Xavier Woods Says The New Day Wants To Turn Heel

The New Day's Xavier Woods recently spoke with Metro.co.uk, where he talked about a possible heel turn for the group. Right now, all three men are working as babyfaces. However, he admitted that they have always wanted to turn heel due to how fun the role is.

"Yeah! One hundred percent, I'm a horrible person," Xavier Woods laughed. (h/t to Metro.co.uk) "It's just super fun to scream at little kids, 'cause when we were heels before, our stuff would see kids getting legitimately mad and upset at us. It's just so much fun to be snarky, to be rude and disliked. Honestly, we have [wanted that] the entire time, we've always wanted to turn heel. It's just so much fun."

Despite the fact that Xavier Woods might find it fun to be a heel, he also sees the benefits of a babyface run. The New Day star spoke about his charity work as an example. However, he also mentioned their initial babyface turn being so organic is a factor.

"What I'm doing in the ring dovetails so well into all the things I wanna do outside of the ring," Woods said. "As far as just charitable work, just telling my story with my issues with depression and mental health. I just don't think it makes a lot of sense right now.

"The beautiful thing is our turns kind of happened organically. In the sense that we tried to be babyfaces right out of the gate, people were not having that so we became heels. And then we just got cheered for so long, so eventually, we had to turn."

Xavier Woods admitted if there is a turn, it will only happen if things feel natural. However, he noted that the brilliant fan reactions that they get make it hard for that to ever happen. While The New Day star also pointed to the WWE Universe's love of Booty-Os.

"My feeling is if we do turn, it feels organic and it feels natural again. Unfortunately, we're in a position right now where our reactions are pretty damn good. So, I don't see that happening any time soon, but who knows? They will always remember that moment of when, 'I cheered for this guy against The New Day, he threatened to ground me but my guy beat him.' I love that dynamic," he said. "It's so much fun and we think about it all the time, but these people won't stop cheering for us. These people like their pancakes and their Booty-Os too much."