Bobby Fish Comments On His WWE Release

Former Undisputed Era member Bobby Fish was recently on the Talk Is Jericho podcast. Prior to his release from WWE, Fish wasn't around much due to injury. Because of that, he didn't know what the pulse of the brand was at the time.

"I left right before the rebrand. My last six or seven months being there, I was very much out of the loop. Between COVID, and I had tricep surgery right after the last WarGames, so I was not frequenting the PC that much," he said. "And when I did, it was just in medical and rehabbing and doing my workout and then leaving. I wasn't at TVs very often, so I don't know what the pulse of NXT was then. Then when I got brought back it was very brief and very erratic, and then I got released."

Bobby Fish ended up being one of WWE's many cuts throughout 2021. It was something that caught him off-guard at the time. The former NXT Tag Team Champion also revealed that the release had him questioning if he still loved professional wrestling in the first place. However, AEW has taught him that his passion is still there.

"Yeah," Fish admitted it was surprising. "My girlfriend and I were actually sitting in a car dealership, and I was signing the last contract on a Chevy Silverado. So, not a cheap one either. I heard that raspy voice on the other end, saw the area code and was like, 'I've got to answer it,' and it was what it was. My girlfriend, she has been such a game-changer through this whole thing.

"She was the first one about 30 days into it that made me realize. She said, 'they did you a favor.' It was hard for me to see it in that way, but she's 100% right. It was a favor because I had lulled myself into where not necessarily being happy or fulfilled was really a problem. Like, I was used to it. I was so accustomed to it that I didn't realize I was unhappy, but I wasn't happy. I thought, maybe I just don't love wrestling the way I used to. And that's okay too, we get older it's what happens. But I am happy to say today that I know that is not the case."

Bobby Fish then spoke about how he ended up being signed by AEW. This led to a funny story as he was actually sent medical details a week in advance, before speaking with anybody. However, it didn't take long from that point for Fish and Tony Khan to be in touch about a contract.

"The first week there was an email that came out about medical, you guys were in Rochester," he said. "It was as if I was supposed to be in Rochester. I was like, 'wait a second, I haven't even discussed anything with anyone.' Then I had a few people iggy-ing me like, 'hey, are you here?' I ignored them, because I was like, 'I don't know what's happening.'

"But it came kind of a week early and I don't know where the communication might have been mixed. But the following week I got an iggy to contact Tony. Then Tony and I had a conversation and he had an idea of how to bring me in."

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