Cody Rhodes Believes AEW “Beat” Undisputed Era Prior To Signings

AEW's TNT Champion Cody Rhodes recently spoke with He gave his open and honest thoughts about the members of the Undisputed Era now being part of AEW.

"If we're being honest, part of me will always think, 'Hey, these guys were on the other channel and we beat them off their night.'" Rhodes stated. "That element of competitiveness will probably always be there. However, if you look at (Kyle) O'Reilly and Bobby (Fish) and Cole, with the free agents, with Brian Danielson and (CM) Punk and Cole.


"I always tell people the one I'm looking forward to the most, mixing it up, is Cole. I think we've only seen the tip of the iceberg on what he's capable of and, now, what the three of them were capable of."

Cody Rhodes then went on to reveal Tony Khan always spoke about how well Undisputed Era were doing against them. Cody stated that he is now excited to see what they do within AEW. However, he specifically picked out Adam Cole once again as a guy he is looking forward to watching.

"Tony Khan talks about, often, how well they were doing against us, and now they are part of us," he said. "Now they're in our house and I look forward to what all three of them can do. In addition to I look forward to seeing Cole's stock just shoot through the roof, hopefully."


Cody Rhodes will be next in action on Saturday at AEW's Battle For The Belts. He will be defending his TNT Championship on the show against Sammy Guevara. This will be the first time he's put the title on the line during this run.