During the most recent installment of the Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke about Eric Bischoff’s recent comments to Tony Khan about how he was not pleased by the Goldberg and Jade Cargill comparisons.

“Well, this beef right here man, I didn’t read the whole article,” he admitted. “The only part that I saw was having issues with Tony Khan comparing Jade Cargill with Goldberg, I don’t know if it’s because of the streak or the dominance of one. My thing is this, dammit, since when can somebody not have an opinion?

“If that’s Tony Khan’s opinion, that’s his opinion,” Booker said. “I can’t have an issue with it or anything like that. Me personally, that’s why I am having really hard problems grasping this because I can’t see Eric Bischoff being upset with another promoter promoting his company.”

Booker T went on to talk about Goldberg, in particular, making it clear that the WWE Hall Of Famer was green as well when he started. However, he credits Goldberg himself for the success he had.

“Well hell, Goldberg was green as well, okay? Goldberg was green throughout his whole career. We didn’t know Goldberg was going to become Goldberg until the Goldberg that became,” he said. “Until it actually happened and I give Goldberg that credit for sticking it out in this business.

“Because this is truly, honestly, and I think Goldberg will tell you,” he added. “This is a business that Goldberg didn’t really have a whole lot of love for. But I do know Goldberg realized, ‘I may not love it, but dammit, I am getting paid pretty well to do this.’”

When it comes to the new TBS Champion, Booker T says she is unlike anything we have ever seen. He made it clear that he’d have made her champion regardless of her ability as she can draw money.

“I don’t give a damn if Jade Cargill could not do a wrist lock or headlock takeover, I wouldn’t care. I would put the title on her because she’s a specimen. She’s something we have never seen before,” he added. “The thing is, when you put her on the marquee, whether you think she can wrestle or jump off the top rope, whatever, you buy a ticket just to see her. Some people don’t understand about this business of drawing money. When I see Jade Cargill, I see, ‘man, we could draw some money here.’”

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