Booker T Reveals His Choice For Best Female Wrestler Of 2021

On the Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T has looked back at 2021 for women's wrestling. He talked about the deathmatch between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker. He believes that is the most impressive thing he has seen in women's wrestling throughout the year.


"Going out there and having that deathmatch. Doing something you don't see too often and really relishing in it and falling into it and not trying to take any shortcuts. I must say, that might have been the most impressive thing I've seen all year, as far as the women," he claimed. I've got to give Thunder Rosa her props for her part in that as well. That match right there was different, I cringed the whole time. It was a match that I would refuse to do and quite a company."

Booker T then went on to discuss Britt Baker in more detail. The Hall Of Famer admitted that her name has been spoken about more than almost anybody in AEW. He believes she has her own niche and is good at what she does.

"Her name has almost rung louder than all of them," he said. "Her name rings louder than just about everybody in that company opposed to Kenny Omega, Bryan Danielson, a couple of guys, Punk. But her name is up there pretty high on the bar. I say that because she has carved her own niche. She definitely has done it her own way, she's actually good at what she does, you've got to give her props on that too."


On the WWE side of things, Booker T had praise for Bianca Belair. He believes she has pulled her weight during segments this year. However, he wants to see more drama for her moving forwards.

"Take nothing away from Bianca Belair as well, she's been in a lot of good stuff," he stated. "Her segments have been on point and the thing is as well, she has pulled her load. She hasn't phoned anything in or anything like that. Definitely, she's had some great matches. I am still waiting to see her make me cry. I've got to see that, I am looking for the drama man, I am not just looking for a match."

Booker T believes that Bianca is the most improved talent of the year. He did claim that he would rank her as his number one, purely based on how far she has come and how quickly.

"I would say, Bianca Belair, championship material but more importantly, most improved. I try not to put the carriage before the horse," he said. "Bianca is really, really good. But I just do not want to put that pressure on her to be thinking like that. Again, she's good.

"She's really, really good. But as far as being ranked number one, I would give her that honor. But it's not just from a wrestling perspective. It's how far Bianca Belair has come, so quickly," he admitted. "I mean she rose out of the ashes to be a contender like Rocky Balboa against Apollo Creed and then go out and win. Not because of any other reason than she's talented, just like Rocky. So yeah man, give her the props.


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