During the latest Hall Of Fame podcast wrestling legend Booker T gave his thoughts on the fact that Mustafa Ali has requested his release. The experienced star believes that he is making the right decision overall.

“If you don’t feel happy somewhere, the best thing for you is to get up out of there, I think,” he said. “But sometimes, you can be not too happy and if the cheque is right, you can look past all that. Maybe the check wasn’t big enough to make him happy enough to look past that.”

Mustafa Ali stated he couldn’t tell the message that he wants within WWE, which is why he has asked to leave. However, Booker T pointed out that bringing ideas to the table doesn’t guarantee that they will take place for a talent.

“Sometimes bringing the ideas to the company saying, ‘hey, this is what I want to do, this is what I think can get over.’ That just may not be their vision, that may not be the way they want to go,” he reflected. “As well as, it might be something that’s good that they want to give to someone else. Because, this is entertainment, this is not reality TV.”

The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer spoke about Mustafa Ali as a talent. He made it clear that he thinks the former Retribution leader is good. However, Booker also noted that a lot of wrestlers would tell you they’re not doing what they want right now.

“Mustafa Ali, is he a good wrestler? No doubt. Can he go out and perform? No doubt. Did Mustafa Ali get a chance in WWE? Well, he was there from 2016 to 2022, between 205, SmackDown, the Retribution thing, he’s done a lot,” Booker T said. “Did Mustafa Ali do the stuff he wanted to do? Probably not.

“But you can probably ask 90% of the guys in this business, ‘are they doing the things they wanted to do?’ Like a Ricochet, they’re probably going to tell you, ‘no, I’m not doing what I want to do. But hopefully, I’ll get there in due time.’”

Booker T also discussed the vignette that Mustafa Ali shared. He made it clear that the character was a good one. While he’s not sure if it would have worked, the Reality Of Wrestling owner thinks a title would have been needed.

“I saw the vignette that he did, but I thought it was actually pretty good work,” he stated. “I thought the character that he wanted to deliver to the world, I thought it was pretty interesting. Let’s just say that. Would it have worked is the question.

“How long would it have worked, there again, with a gimmick like that, for someone like Mustafa Ali? I hate booking shows or anything like that. You would have to put a title on him. That’s the question, what title does fit for Mustafa Ali? I would say the US Championship, if that character was played the way he presented it. It probably could have worked, it probably could have got some heat.”

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