Before she became AEW Women’s World Champion, Dr. Britt Baker DMD went through a rough first few months in AEW, where she received rejection from fans as a babyface. In an appearance on My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox, Britt Baker revealed what she would tell the Britt Baker from three years ago if she had the chance.

“I would have just gave myself a little pat on the back,” Baker said. “Like ‘hey, everything’s going to be okay.’ When I first started wrestling at AEW and I was a babyface, the fans were just brutal to me. I thought ‘I’m never going to be. I’m going to finish my contract, I’m going to be done. I can’t handle this, the fans are mean, they don’t like me.’ Not so much that they didn’t like me, they just weren’t giving me a chance. I get it, it’s my job, it’s my job to be a wrestler, it’s my job to be a good wrestler.

“But also, I was brand new to TV wrestling. Like, just through the gates, baptism by fire ‘hey you need to learn how to be a TV wrestler on TV.’ Dynamite was my Performance Center. So at the time, I would get really frustrated and just upset, not even with the fans, just myself. Like ‘man I suck, I can’t get this. This is hard.’ I just wish I would’ve not had so many sleepless nights and been like ‘hey, everything’s going to come into play, just give it time.’ All good things come with time.”

One person Britt Baker credited the most for helping her is independent wrestling legend and AEW coach Jerry Lynn. Referring to Lynn as her main coach, Baker called the former Ring of Honor World Champion AEW’s secret weapon.

“He has been like my coach, my main coach,” Baker said. “That’s who I go-to for all my matches, my promos, everything. He has helped me, maybe more than anyone has in the last year specifically with wrestling, with coming into my own as an in-ring performer. He is a genius. I said in my tweet, he really is one AEW’s secret weapons.

“If you rattle off some of your favorite matches in AEW, there’s a huge chance that he was a coach or had some sort of hand in it. He’s so, so good. Everybody loves working with him and he’s fun. He just makes wrestling fun. He’s very light-hearted, tells horrible dad jokes all the time. But it’s the horrible dad joke you need to hear right before you’re about to go through the curtain.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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