Top Indie Wrestling Star Makes AEW Debut

After weeks of teasing an addition to his "House of Black", Malakai Black finally brought in his new ally, former ROH & NJPW star, Brody King.

Just before he debuted, Matt Hardy and Penta El Cero Miedo were finishing up their back-and-forth match, with Penta pulling out the victory. He then called out Malakai Black by name, challenging him.

The lights went completely out before turning back on and revealing Malakai standing in the corner. He attacked Alex Marvez and then began brawling with Penta. However, The Varsity Blondes Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison, who have been feuding with Malakai Black for weeks, ran down to assist Penta. Julia Hart climbed onto the ring apron and asked for the three men to stop beating down Malakai.

This is when Black began to laugh maniacally, and the lights went out once more as the crowd was chanting "Brody King! Brody King!" When they turned back on this time, it was indeed Brody King standing in the center of the ring. With Malakai's help, he dominated the three AEW stars and made a big impact for his first appearance in the company.

Though they may also be referred to as "The House of Black" as a stable, the announcers were specifically calling the duo "Kings of the Black Throne". The AEW Twitter page gave them that same title, so it's likely their tag team name.

A report from December 2021 noted how Brody had signed with the company when Ring Of Honor announced the company's hiatus. It was also said by CM Punk during an AEW media scrum that he was seeking the right time to bring Brody King into AEW.

"I think it sucks that the place is going to go out of business and all these people are going to lose their jobs," CM Punk said. "I would like to see Brody King here. Man, there's so much talent there, there's so much talent here. I didn't know Lethal was here till that happened, so I'm sure you're going to see different people. It's an exciting time."

You can see highlights from the segment below: