CM Punk Reveals Which ROH Star He Wants In AEW

Jay Lethal made his shocking debut in AEW at Full Gear to challenge Sammy Guevara to a TNT Championship match this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite. The former Ring of Honor Champion revealed that he asked for his release from ROH due to the announcement of their hiatus just recently.

During the AEW Full Gear Post Show Media Scrum, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked CM Punk about his thoughts on ROH announcing they're going on a hiatus and which wrestlers he'd like to see from the company come to AEW. The Best in the World named one notable ROH wrestler, and said it's an exciting time in the wrestling business with all these talents available.

"I think it sucks that the place is going to go out of business and all these people are going to lose their jobs," CM Punk said. "I would like to see Brody King here. Man, there's so much talent there, there's so much talent here. I didn't know Lethal was here till that happened, so I'm sure you're going to see different people. It's an exciting time."

Punk was successful at Full Gear when he defeated Eddie Kingston in one of his best showings since coming to AEW. During the match, Punk received plenty of boos as the fans were heavily in support of Kingston. AEW President Tony Khan spoke about CM Punk being received as the bad guy, comparing it to WrestleMania 18 between The Rock and Hulk Hogan.

Also during the match, the former WWE Champion paid homage to his old friend John Cena by teasing a 5-knuckle shuffle on Eddie Kingston. Earlier on Saturday, The Best in the World dedicated his match to Eddie Guerrero, on the night of the 16th anniversary of his death.