On the latest episode of WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, Bron Breakker spoke about his NXT Championship win over Tommaso Ciampa at NXT New Year’s Evil. The 24-year-old also spoke about the many influences on his career and named what he’s most looking forward to showing the WWE Universe over his time with the company.

“I’m going to have more time with the WWE Universe as my career progresses,” Breakker said. “There’s going to be more human interaction time rather than Bron Breakker in the ring trying to rip someone’s head off. I’m looking forward to that, showing my human side and the quality person that I can be and I want to impact people’s lives and impact people’s lives as a kid because guys did that for me when I was a kid.

“Being in a locker room as a kid and being a part of wrestling, I looked up to people. Bill Goldberg is one right off the top, he’s been a mentor to me for a long time. In football, when I was playing in college or in the NFL, he was always calling me up and giving me tips, telling me things I need to get better at. My dad and uncle, Kevin Nash, I owe a lot to Kevin Nash and he’s a huge reason why I’m here. There’s a lot of guys, tons of guys from that era in WCW and WWE in the early 2000s. Stone Cold Steve Austin is another one. I looked up to those guys, those guys were my heroes growing up. Spiderman and Batman weren’t my heroes, it was wrestling.”

Bron Breakker shared an emotional moment with his father, Rick Steiner, in the ring after he won the NXT Title. The new champion destroyed the old NXT logo after winning the belt, making a symbolic statement that NXT 2.0 is officially underway.

The 24-year-old spoke more about Goldberg and the influence the WCW legend has had on his career. Bron Breakker detailed the words of advice the WWE Hall of Famer gave him and spoke about knowing what to expect from the business having been around it his whole life.

“He gave me some wise words,” Breakker said. “Just some things but I’ve been around the business a long time and I’ve been brought up in it man. It’s put food on the table for my family so I’ve been around it. I had an idea of how the etiquette is and how to act backstage and how to handle your business. He just gave me some wise words, very similar to my dad’s advice, go to work, keep your head down, be respectful to everybody and handle your business and be a pro.”

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