Bruce Prichard Addresses His Absence From WWE

On the latest episode of Something To Wrestle, available early and ad-free now at, Bruce Prichard discusses his recent vacation. The WWE Executive Producer confirms that he has been enjoying time away recently, amid speculation of his whereabouts in the past few weeks.

"I'm f**king great," Prichard confirmed. "Here's the funny thing, man, you and I have talked throughout all of this shit. I had a great vacation in Cabo. We got to be the last guest at this incredible f**king house, right there on the beach. Guys, I am just a humble little guy from Texas. I don't get to go to these fancy things.

"Conrad had been there. I think he goes at least every other week to this mansion on the beach in Cabo," he said. "But I had saved up for like nine years to be able to afford to spend a couple of days there. I was absolutely blown away. It was paradise on Earth. It was absolutely insane."

There had been rumors and reports that Bruce Prichard had been unwell as of late. He did confirm that he was a little ill during his vacation. However, he insisted that it didn't stop him from having a great time during his break from wrestling.

"I got a little bit of Montezooma's revenge there. But it didn't stop me. It was what it was. I had an incredibly beautiful, just picturesque panoramic, incredible view every single day. Good friends, my whole family, and we had an absolute blast."

Bruce Prichard then addressed the rumors about where he has been. Prichard confirmed that he takes vacation around the holidays every year since the 1980s.

"So, to address some of the rumors and innuendo which is complete horseshit out there in the rasslin' media, if you will. For years, and I will go back to the 90s, sh*t I'll go back to the 80s," he added. "I would always save my vacation until the end of the year so I could take vacation around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

"It steals a couple of extra days because if you do it close to Christmas, okay Christmas is an extra day off type of thing. Then when I got married, my wife's birthday is in the latter part of November," he said. "So it's always around Thanksgiving, it's her favorite holiday so I like to take that time off."

When it comes to this year, things worked out perfectly for him due to the fact WWE didn't have two episodes of SmackDown to tape. However, Bruce Prichard did reveal he suffered from the flu, which kept him away from the arenas for a couple of episodes.

"This year, I took it at a time when we didn't have two SmackDowns. We pre-recorded and we had a comp show. So there was no TV to go to in general," he stated. "So I had my vacation timed during that time to where it looked like Bruce hasn't been here for three TVs in a row.

"Then I got the flu. I was running a fever and not feeling well," Bruce admitted. "We've got a great team and just an incredible support system that was there. I missed three TV's. I did lose my voice, yes. Dude, I am good. I did bust an eardrum in the middle of all that. That was an extremely fun experience."

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