Cary Silkin Says Some AEW Talents Are “Worried About Their Spot”

Cary Silkin was a recent guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he spoke about the AEW roster. The Ring Of Honor ambassador recently got the chance to go backstage in AEW and revealed there was a good vibe, but certain roster members might be worried about their spot.

"There are so many guys there, so many guys. I am not going to bring up any names, but there were guys that were flown in to do nothing. It was a very good vibe," he said. "But since I've been around the back for 20 years, wrestlers are always unconfident, worried about their spot. I could feel that going on. Certainly not with a Bryan Danielson or Hangman Page, but there's just a lot of people there."

With so many talents available right now, Cary Silkin spoke about where people will land. There are a lot of Ring Of Honor stars out of contract at the moment. However, there are also plenty of former WWE Superstars that are now free agents as well, which is why he's not sure where people will go.

"I don't know where all those people are going to land," he admitted. "There's just so much good talent. If we talk ROH for a second; [Matt] Taven, Dalton Castle, obviously The Briscoes, there are just so many names, Vincent, that have been working on their characters, Shane Taylor. These are solid people that if you or I were running a show, I think we'd want to have them."

Finally, Cary Silkin also spoke about the future of Ring Of Honor. The company is currently on hiatus but he gave a positive tease about some news that could be coming shortly.

"I am still Ring Of Honor ambassador, and I am hoping that we are going to have future shows," Silkin revealed.  "I think we are going to hear something within the next week or so about that."

It should be noted that since the recording of this interview, ROH has announced their Supercard of Hono show for April 1 in Dallas.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription. 

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