Cash Wheeler Recalls WWE Hall Of Famer Helping Him Back In 2012

FTR recently spoke with Elite POV, and during the interview, Cash Wheeler spoke about when he contemplated quitting. He admitted in 2012 it did cross his mind. But a series of situations brought him back into things and kept him going, including coaching from WWE Hall of Famer, Edge.

"2012-ish would be the only time period. I didn't want to give up on wrestling, I just wanted to start being a more responsible adult. Because it wasn't that I didn't want to keep wrestling and trying to pursue it. But I wanted to stop feeling like I couldn't provide my half of everything or that I couldn't be relied on to be providing for myself," Wheeler added. "I had to make a lot of sacrifices to wrestle and that means not working the greatest jobs with the best pay because you have to have a schedule that leaves your availability available.

"So in 2012, I started thinking, 'man, maybe it's time to start looking at a new career path.' But, again, there were so many weird things that just kind of converged all at once," he said. "I met Edge, Adam, whatever you want to call him. He helped me, like he would watch my matches and give advice.

"Then I got a call, same thing (as Dax), to go be an extra, and Regal saw me and for whatever reason, that day a lot of the extras were late. I was the only one that showed up on time," he admitted. "So we had like an hour-long conversation and by the end of that conversation, he was going to help me get to England and Mexico and all these different places to get experience and eventually get a tryout. It was so many different things, the Universe just doing what it does."

Nowadays, FTR gets the chance to work with several major legends in professional wrestling. Cash Wheeler spoke about the opportunities they're given. He also admitted that it is cool for them to have those legends respect him and Dax Harwood.

"Those guys obviously have so much knowledge. I just respect what they've given for the business, and they're still giving in some way. Like Sting did last night, or Arn did a few weeks ago," Cash Wheeler said. "Where they're still putting their bodies on the line to go out there and entertain the fans when they don't really need to or don't really have to. That's cool for us. Also, having their respect, I think is probably the coolest part for me. Getting to work with them.

"Knowing when Arn comes up to us, he sees us as people that belong in wrestling. When Sting comes up to us, he holds us in very high regard as far as our talent in the ring. That's the coolest part about it," he claimed. "Because that's validation for me. Because those guys carried the torch for so long and made wrestling for a living possible. Without those guys paving the way, I am not sitting at this house making the money that I do doing what I love."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Elite POV with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.