Chris Jericho Reveals "Dream Match" That Could Soon Take Place In AEW

On this week's Wrestling with Freddie podcast from iHeart Media's My Cultra Network, former WWE creative team member Freddie Prinze Jr. was joined by current AEW wrestler, Chris Jericho.

Freddie Prinze Jr. explicitly asked the former AEW Champion if he could have one match, in any stadium, with any opponent at any time in their career, then who would he face. Jericho responded by teasing a dream match that could take place soon in AEW.

"There are two that I would take," Jericho reveals. "One that I am looking forward to now that will happen is the story we're building with Eddie Kingston in AEW. That's a guy from day one, the moment he walked in, I said 'that's a superstar, he's gonna be a huge babyface. I like his style it's very hard-hitting.'

"He doesn't look like a typical wrestler, he just looks like a tough guy at the bar, but his promos are above and beyond. That's why I kind of pick and choose who I'm going to be working with, and also it has to fit in with plans that Tony Khan has and what the guys have. But the Eddie one was really something cool to me. I also deal in long-term stories, so nothing is set in stone, but that is one I'm really looking forward to that will happen."

Chris Jericho then revealed what his all-time dream matches would have been, naming two fellow Canadian wrestlers.

"The two that I have that never did happen, and they're brothers and they're from the same part of the country as I am, was Bret Hart and Owen Hart," Jericho said. "I never had the chance to work with either one of them. When I made up my mind to leave WCW in 1999 and come to WWE, if you gave me a list of ten reasons, wrestling Owen Hart would be one of the probably seven, eight, nine, ten ones. Owen passed away before that could happen I believe in May of 1999, I didn't get there until August. Then Bret was in WCW but we were on different levels. I was never kind of allowed to get to that level when I was there, and then he had to retire out of WCW, so we never had a match together."

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