Freddie Prinze Jr. Shares Idea To Improve AEW Women’s Division

On this week's Wrestling with Freddie podcast fromĀ iHeart Media's My Cultra Network, Freddie Prinze Jr. was joined by Home Alone actor, Macaulay Culkin, as they delved into the world of WWE and AEW.

The pair dived into the topic of women's wrestling, and discussed AEW's current roster and the prominence of women's matches on their programming. Prinze Jr. stated that he believes Tony Khan's promotion is lacking in depth in that particular division, and Culkin agreed.

"Yeah, I think that's one of their flaws. Otherwise, I think they're a cool company. I dig what they do." Culkin said.

Freddie Prinze Jr. suggested that if AEW was to bulk up their women's division, then they could potentially have a weekly women's only show in their schedule.

"They have to start it by signing a bunch of these [recently released] women, but what if AEW do a women's division, and gave it an hour and a half, or gave it the full two hours on one of their nights?" Prinze Jr. offered.

Culkin responded "Before, when there were just five-minute matches, women's wrestling was a joke, even when I was first watching with Rockin' Robin and stuff like that. It was like, that was your pee break. There wasn't really a lot going on. I think that kind of stigma stuck for a while. Until you actually started letting some of these women cut loose and actually do some things. Now, you know, it's not crazy for them to headline WrestleMania or to close the show at Survivor Series."

Outside of AEW, Prinze Jr. and Macaulay Culkin had much praise for WWE Superstar and SmackDown Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair, who they believe is at the peak of her game. Prinze Jr. believes that Charlotte should stay away from being a babyface for as long as John Cena wasn't heel.

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