Danhausen Shares Update On Recovery From Injury

Danhausen was injured during an independent wrestling show on Halloween night. He suffered a broken tibia and fibula in his left leg and surgeons inserted a metal rod in his leg. While speaking to Bleacher Report, the "very evil" one said it hasn't been easy but he is determined to get back in the ring as soon as possible.


"All of January is taken off to do physical therapy and hopefully getting this muscly leg back to being muscly," Danhausen said. "It's going OK. I had my first day of physical therapy [last month] on this robotic leg Danhausen has now and doing easy things are quite hard to do now such as stretches and bodyweight squats. We shall get there and get even stronger like The Terminator."

Danhausen indicated last month that he could return to the ring sometime early this year. However, he seemed frustrated by speculation about his recovery in a tweet on Thursday.

"Lots of internet doctors on the internet (websites) that know an awful lot more about Danhausen's cyborg leg recovery than even Danhausen or his actual surgeon! Wow!" He tweeted.


Since that tweet, the former ROH star has also shared the following video seeming to show him doing a light leg exercise.

Danhausen's use of social media has been one of the keys to his popularity and he named inspiration for his successful online presence.

"[The internet] is a free tool. Well, it's not free, but pretty much everybody has it," Danhausen explained. "Why not use it to make money? Why not use it to spread your name? So, Danhausen has used this free tool, or whatever, and followed in the footsteps of Zack Ryder, who really hammered home the use of the internet to get his name out there and make fame and money.

"I've followed that blueprint, along with Ethan Page's blueprint to use the internet and it has seemed to work quite well. When you're backed into a corner and can't do physical shows, you have to do what you can and it was quite successful."