DDP recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri for The Wrestling Inc. Daily. The WWE Hall of Famer touched on the difficulty of getting over. However, he made it clear that Roman Reigns got himself over before any major push, adding that he is a good heel as well.

“You can’t make people cheer for you, you can’t make people care about you,” DDP stated. “Vince has tried it with a bunch of people and it didn’t work. Roman Reigns got over on his own before he got that big push. He got over on his own, people loved him when they were all together in that threesome they put together.

“And they put him at the top spot, so he was way over before he got any kind of real push. Some of the smart people out there who didn’t like him, booed him or whatever, ‘turn him heel.’ He’s a damn good heel now. He’s a great worker, he gets the people up, they care about him.”

DDP noted how Roman Reigns was in a similar spot to John Cena, as a lot of people didn’t like him either. However, the WWE Hall Of Famer claimed that Cena was a warrior, and is now killing it in Hollywood.

“A lot of people didn’t like Cena,” he stated. “Cena works his ass off, and anybody who doesn’t get John, that’s what you decide not to like but John’s a frigging warrior, man. Look at his Hollywood career now, he’s killing it.”

The 16-time World Champion isn’t the only person doing great things in the movie industry right now. DDP touched on the work of The Rock and Batista, respectively. He noted that they are flying the flag for wrestling with their work.

“When I see guys like The Rock, who is the number one star in the world, biggest box office draw in the world, and has been for years. That’s one of our guys, that’s huge,” DDP said. “I look at what Dave Bautista’s doing, and Cena, super, super, cool stuff man. Just making a really great name for our business.”

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