On the latest episode of the DDP Snakepit podcast, DDP, Diamond Dallas Page, raved about a recent match from AEW that he absolutely loved. As it turns out, the match was from several months ago, taking place at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam in Arthur Ashe Stadium out in Queens, New York.

“I’ll tell you what was a really, really great match that I loved in AEW recently, was when Bryan Danielson came in and worked with Omega,” DDP said. “Like that match, that match was really amazing. It’s an art form, and these guys are beating the hell out of their bodies. And that’s the part too. There was some really cool sh-t that you’ll see when they’re showing the matches, pieces of it. I don’t want to tell you what they did, but wow. It was, it was magical.”

DDP also talked about actor Stephen Amell, who stars on the wrestling TV show Heels on Starz. DDP recalled meeting Amell for the first time at the All In show, where Amell wrestled Christopher Daniels, and being impressed with Amell’s skill in the ring.

“There are thousands of podcasts because anybody can do a podcast today, all around the world, there’s got to be a thousand different podcast people that are talking about wrestling,” DDP said. So it really kind of blew my mind when I was doing research that anybody talked about Heels. And I know Stephen Amell through Cody. You know, I met him, I’ll tell you the first time I saw him in the ring, I didn’t know it was him.

“It was at All In. I was up in the balcony you know, for some people they wanted me to go up there and meet and I just looked down and I started watching this kid work and I go ‘who is that?’ I don’t even know who the hell that is, I go ‘he’s pretty good.’ So I came downstairs and I go ‘Cody who was the guy who was just in that match?’ He goes ‘that’s Stephen Amell, he’s my buddy.’ And I go ‘that’s Stephen Amell?’ And he had just walked through the curtain, Cody gave him a big punch, introduced us, I was like ‘dude, great job.'”

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