Former WWE and WCW star DDP spoke with Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri recently for The Wrestling Inc. Daily. During the conversation, he discussed the report that Cody Rhodes is a free agent. There have been rumors of him possibly appearing in the Royal Rumble, but DDP mentioned that Tony Khan is a great person, so why would he want to work elsewhere?

“Tony Khan, there ain’t nobody like Tony Khan,” DDP said. “Tony Khan is a regular dude who just happens to be a billionaire. He’s a regular guy, he’s nice to everybody, he’s nice to enhancement guys, you know? So, why would you want to work anywhere else? He’s got a lot of stroke, where he’s at, that’s important man, especially as you go on this journey.”

Diamond Dallas Page also weighed in on the recent war of words between Eric Bischoff and Tony Khan. The former WCW President has been critical of AEW’s product and for not going head to head with WWE yet, like he did in the past. Meanwhile Tony has brandished Bischoff as, “irresponsible” for his comments.

Given the fact DDP has experience with both men, he gave his thoughts on the matter. The former WCW World Champion admitted that he treats everything like a work, but this could be a shoot.

“I don’t know. I don’t know, it very well could be a shoot, but if I called Eric Bischoff and talked to him, he wouldn’t tell me. He’d start busting on Tony. Whatever he’s doing, I’m not really aware of it, I just think that everything is a work. Obviously, Eric is doing a great job, because you’re the fourth person that’s asked me,” DDP said. “Whatever Eric and Tony are doing is working. That’s all that matters, it doesn’t matter if they’re talking good about you, or bad about you.”

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