Following his WWE Championship victory at WWE Day 1 last Saturday, Brock Lensar had a chance encounter in Atlanta with NHL legend and Edmonton Oilers great Wayne Gretzky. On the hockey podcast Spittin Chiclets, former hockey player, and Gretzky’s NHL on TNT co-worker Paul Bissonnette provided more details on the meeting.

“One part I forgot to mention about the outdoor game was after we finished the broadcast, we went back to the hotel to grab a little bite to eat and a few pops in the lobby,” Bissonnette said. “And all of a sudden this guy, this big massive guy with a cowboy hat walks in. I think it was Wayne who recognized him. He goes ‘I think that was Brock Lesnar.’ And he said ‘hello’ and ended up coming to sit down.

“We spent about two hours with him having drinks and shooting the s--t. I had no idea that Brock Lesnar had actually bought property in Saskatchewan. He actually lives in Saskatchewan now. So he just kind of commutes. He ends up driving over the border about two hours away, and that’s where he travels and flies out.

“Great guy, very interesting, and he’s still going. He talked about, because I was like ‘how are you not banged up and how are you still wrestling at this age?’ And he said about thirteen years ago he got this trainer and it kind of changed his whole life as far as eating habits and how he trains. I think he said he thinks he can probably wrestle at a high level for three to four years and actually that night, in Atlanta, he won back the belt. So he’s now the defending champion of the WWE.”

Bissonnette made sure to reiterate that it was Gretzky that noticed Brock Lesnar first, pointing out that The Great One is in fact a big wrestling fan. Bissonnette also revealed that he and Lesnar exchanged numbers and are going to attempt to keep in touch.

“I think he’s a wrestling fan,” Bissonnette said of Gretzky. “He pointed him right out. I did a quick turn and just looked and I didn’t recognize him right away. It’s probably because he had a cowboy hat on that was covering the top of his head. But yeah, he was a great guy. I know he’s known as a bit of a heel and he kind of has to have an a-----e persona as part of his character. But he was the complete opposite. He actually exchanged numbers with me and I got a text the next day like ‘hey! Let’s keep in touch man.’ I was like ‘okay. Fucking A, I’ll let you chokeslam me through a table for content. Let’s do it.'”

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