Drew McIntyre Compares Future Match With Roman Reigns To Old Hit TV Show

In an interview with Fansided that was conducted before the Day 1 pay-per-view, WWE star Drew McIntyre was asked about a potential one on one match up with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Both men are currently on the Smackdown brand and haven't wrestled since the 2020 Survivor Series. Drew McIntyre makes it clear he wants the match, but that he wants to build momentum first, comparing it and his return to Smackdown to the old science fiction TV series Quantum Leap.


"If you ever watched the show Quantum Leap, Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) used to leap from life to life making right what once went wrong," McIntyre said. "Having a chance to leap back into myself and have a chance to get a redo at SmackDown to put right what once went wrong. That is the goal, but let's look at the landscape right now. I was on fire in RAW for a while but I've lost a couple of big matches. I am not going to make excuses for that but realistically Roman is on fire. He is all the momentum in the world and I want the time to build up to that level where people say we need this match right now."

When the time is right, Drew McIntyre believes the match will happen and that he will defeat Reigns to win the WWE Universal Championship. Once it happens, it believes it'll lead to him coming full circle in regards to his career.


"Absolutely, it's going to be me that takes the title from him," McIntyre declared. "Roman knows that, the world knows that, I'm just giving it time. That match is going to come. For me also, it's a chance to get a kind of redo.

"Things have come full circle. I started my career at 22 years old on Smackdown. I was the chosen one of Vince McMahon. I was going to be the future of the company, future world champion and obviously, things didn't work out that way and inevitably I got fired and everything worked out when I came back to WWE on RAW."