In an interview with WTOP to promote the WWE Royal Rumble tonight, WWE star Edge reflected a bit on his comeback to wrestling in 2020. Edge returned after a nine year absence after he was forced to retire due to cervical spinal stenosis. Having to retire from his dream job was so difficult for Edge that, for a time, he could no longer watch WWE or any wrestling following his retirement.

“For a while, I didn’t watch, period,” Edge admitted. “That was my mourning period.”

In between his return, Edge found a second career in acting, appearing in TV shows such as Haven, Vikings and The Flash. While he admitted that it still was a difficult transition from pro wrestling, Edge stated that acting helped him come to terms with his wrestling career being over. He also stated that without acting, it would’ve made the transition even more difficult

“It was still difficult, but it would have been a very emotional roller coaster if I didn’t understand that was it,” Edge said. “I had to come to terms with it. Luckily, acting fell into my lap, so I was able to dive into another creative outlet. I think if I didn’t have that, it would have been a far different decade for me.”

Edge will team with his wife, Beth Phoenix, tonight at the Royal Rumble against The Miz and Maryse. Both husband and wife admitted that they never expected this moment to come.

“Even when I got the OK to come back, we never assumed that we would interact on screen,” Edge said.

“I didn’t have any intentions of getting back in the ring just because our women’s division was so hot and really growing.” Phoenix said.


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