GCW’s Effy was a guest on  The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently where he discussed his The Wrld on GCW opponent Jeff Jarrett. The two men will compete tonight on FITE and traditional PPV. The WWE Hall Of Famer popped up in GCW recently and has smashed guitars over the head of Effy and his Bussy tag team partner Allie Katch. Effy believes Jarrett is trying to prove he is progressive.

“He’s trying to rehash this whole, ‘oh Jeff Jarrett’s intergender wrestling.’ Because you wouldn’t drop the belt to a woman and threw a hissy fit and had to have everything thrown at you to even go under,” he said. “You’re going to come back and attack women again and go, ‘oh, I’ve been progressive forever.’”

Effy went on to discuss how this Sunday is supposed to be a big moment for the roster. However, it angers him that he has to give some time to Jeff Jarrett. Despite that, he promises it will be Jeff’s best match since facing Razor Ramon at WrestleMania.

“Hammerstein Ballroom, it’s supposed to be a big moment, it’s supposed to be us, we got there on our own, we did this thing. So it p**ses me off that I’ve got to give that little bit of a push over, when there’s a lot of guys who are regulars on the roster who would do great in that spot. But I get it.

“He wants to come and we want to sell some f**king PPVs, come look at it. I promise you, it will be at least the best thing that Jeff Jarrett has done since Razor Ramon at WrestleMania 10, in my opinion. Or was it 11? It doesn’t matter.”

Effy also talked about the guitar spot that saw the former WCW star wrap the weapon around his neck. He believes that’s the type of thing that would’ve been pulled up by a major company.

“I got hit by the guitar, painful enough,” he said. “But then when I was kind of figuring out what the fu*k had happened, I was kind of leaning over. He also like bent it around my neck. I’ve got a pretty hard neck.

“My neck was strung through this wood even more, very recklessly, and I think that’s one of the dangers of indie wrestling. Anywhere else and you swung a man by his neck with a guitar, you’d get pulled up and told, ‘hey pal, we know it’s a fight but you don’t need to swing people’s neck.’”

Effy will take on Jeff Jarrett tonight at The Wrld on GCW available via FITE

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