Jeff Jarrett Comments On Potential Launch Of Another Major Promotion

WWE Hall Of Famer Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with The Business of the Business podcast. During the interview, he discussed Game Changer Wrestling. He revealed that GCW has been on his radar long before 2021.


"I was well aware of GCW through the lens of FITE, long before I'll say diplomatically, 2021. They have been on my radar for quite some time," Jarrett claimed. "A lot of folks know them as, 'oh, the deathmatch,' and in a lot of ways I think, maybe positively and negatively, they've been branded that way."

Jeff Jarrett then went on to praise the content that GCW has been putting out as of late. The former Intercontinental Champion also spoke about how the promotion has built up a loyal audience that continues to grow.

"But Brett and the team have put out consistent episodic content," he stated. "All of their programming, they have a very loyal audience, and it continues to grow and grow."

Jeff Jarrett then looked ahead to the future of professional wrestling. He believes that there is room for another major promotion alongside what already exists. However, for him, it could be about having a home-based promotion that exists around the world, such as in South America.


"Now language is an issue, a barrier," he admitted. "That goes without saying. But there is room for a — I'll call it a home-based promotion around the world. It could be South America, Mexico City. Look at the amount of Hispanics in the United States. They absolutely could thrive. So I think there could be a Hispanic promotion, there could be a European promotion.

"The days of it being just looked at from a US lens, in my opinion, they're long gone. It is a global promotion. It's just where is the home base going to be. Because I think there's room for, and I don't want to get too far down the road, but three, four, five, six, seven of those."

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