WWE superstar Finn Balor sat down with NXT UK’s Mark Andrews on his “Love letter to Wrestling” podcast via BBC Radio Wales network. Finn and Mark discussed the UK style of wrestling and how the pandemic helped Finn get back to basics during his NXT run. Balor also expressed his pitch to join NXT UK when Smackdown was offered to him.

“Believe it or not I actually pitched to go to NXT UK when they asked me to go to Smackdown,” Finn said. “I countered, ’cause I knew the time with NXT was coming to an end, it had been 2 years and I worked with everyone. It was not really much more I could do there I felt. And the idea came that I go to Smackdown and I counter pitched with NXT UK, and they said maybe in a couple of years but we need you on Smackdown right now. Like for me a move to NXT UK would have been the move.

“There are so many great guys there, obviously closer to home. I’ve been stuck in America for the past two years with Covid kind of heightened the feeling of isolation. In WWE and like in that bubble, like away from my friends and family, so there was kind of multiple reasons why I wanted to go to NXT UK. But the main one was guys like Noam, A-Kid, and all these matches that I’ve really haven’t had a chance to put together and that was like the fresh challenge.”

While Finn Balor may have to wait a couple of years to match up with the NXT UK talent, there are some possibilities on the main roster that are likely. Finn discussed who sits atop his list of potential matches.

“One is Edge for sure, Finn said.” “I’ve always been vocal to Edge about how I admired how he ended his career gracefully. Moved out of wrestling and kind of progressed to the next stage so gracefully. I’ve always admired that about him and obviously his in-ring work and I never thought that the possibility of wrestling him was in any way a realistic dream. And since he’s been back that’s absolutely one of the matches I’d love to have.

You can listen to the full interview below

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