Plans for a documentary on WWE’s Nexus faction appear to be halted indefinitely and a former member of the group, Fred Rosser, has a couple of theories on what led to that decision.

“One of the reasons why – it could’ve been Daniel Bryan going to AEW,” Rosser told the My2Cents podcast. “Or, it could’ve been last May, me wearing my New Japan track jacket on the set of the filming that they invited me to. I didn’t call WWE back. They called me back to be part of this documentary and I said, ‘Sure, no problem.'”

Fred Rosser said he expected he would be asked to off his jacket for the interview. And he said he was ready to explain his reason for wanting to wear it during the interview.

“I worked very hard for this New Japan track jacket and you guys just inducted Jushin Liger into the WWE Hall Of Fame,” Rosser recalled. “So if this documentary is supposed to be uncut and uncensored – Nexus style – then let me just be me. And 10-plus years later, I’m not some washed-up wrestler. I’m still active. And I’m active with New Japan and very proud of it. And I remember the producer saying, ‘No problem. You sold me on it.'”

WWE started promoting the Nexus documentary last May as part of its Untold series on the WWE Network. But last July it was reported that WWE had shelved its plans for the documentary and stopped all work on the project. The decision was reportedly due to changes in strategy for the WWE Network as it was moving under the umbrella of the Peacock streaming service in the United States.

Fred Rosser said his interview covered the history of the Nexus, extending back to before it officially formed. The eight wrestlers who became known as the Nexus debuted as a group on WWE RAW in June 2010. Before then, they were featured on the original incarnation of NXT. Rosser said he was not fond of the format for the show.

“It was like a game show,” Rosser recalled. “And I hated it because…on NXT you had guys juggling – Just imagine Tommaso Ciampa being in an obstacle [course] and having to juggle and do these wacky obstacles, and you fail. No one’s gonna take you seriously, you know? So it took me that much longer to be taken seriously.”

Fred Rosser feels he’s finally getting recognition for his work in the ring after nearly 20 years in professional wrestling. He’s currently working for New Japan Pro-Wrestling in the United States and appearing regularly on NJPW Strong.

Rosser was using the name Darren Young when he was in WWE. The original Nexus consisted of him, Daniel Bryan, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield, and Wade Barrett. Rosser says the eight wrestlers who formed the faction still keep in touch.

“All those guys, we still stay in contact through a text thread,” Rosser said. “Yeah, everyone still loves one another.”

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